Matt Reichel


Me on a RCAF Twin Otter flying to Igloolik, Nunavut. Photo: Nigel Edwards. 

Me on a RCAF Twin Otter flying to Igloolik, Nunavut. Photo: Nigel Edwards. 

A Brief Biography

Hi, I'm Matt. I have a passion for capturing images and telling stories that depict real people, encourage harmony with nature, and build mutual understanding. I'm constantly pursuing authenticity in the stories I tell; I just wish I were a more eloquent writer. 

I graduated from Brown University in 2009 with degrees in International Relations and East Asian Studies. As a student, I would panhandle between Departments looking for funding to finance overseas research projects.

After finishing school, I returned to Asia to start start several ventures, including a conference consulting company, an education not-for-profit, and a digital marketing firm. In late 2016 I decided to switch things up again and pursue something I truly love: documentary film and content development. 

I've worked on projects from  Eastern Congo to Afghanistan’s rugged backcountry. Being able to speak English, Chinese, Spanish and some French has certainly helped. I've been detained five times but never arrested, I was nearly kidnapped once, and I've been to North Korea over forty times. Sorry, mom. 

I am now based in Vancouver, BC, where I spend about 9 months a year. Projects I'm currently working on include: developing my own content financing start-up called Inertia, CBC's CrossReads series, a documentation project on the Canadian Forces' Arctic training operations, and serving as a producer and location manager for the film Closing The Gap on North Korean hockey.

If you are interested in collaborating or partnering with me on a project, please reach out.



Visited countries as of 2017.

Visited countries as of 2017.