North Korea 


While North Korea is hardly a standard tourist destination, and in many ways should not be, I have a special affinity and connection to the country. I've worked on numerous education, non-profit, consulting and film projects in the country since 2009, and have travelled there over 45 times. I'm no stranger to how things work in North Korea and this destination section will feature stories and pointers from my nearly decade-long experience dealing with the country.

The ethics and financials of tourism in the country should not be overlooked, and I address these issues directly in my posts, as well as explain how tourism works in the country, where money goes, how much things cost, what are the dangers of visiting, what restrictions are in place and how different local and international operators really are from one another. Whatever your stance on travel to North Korea is, I believe strongly that transparency, to the extent that it's possible, is important to making informed decisions when deciding to visit or not. 

My writing is not going to delve deeply into politics or take strong political positions when it comes to North Korea. What I can say: the situation is complex, and far too complicated to address in a series of travel-oriented articles. Instead, my writing will focus on visiting the country and what opportunities exist for those looking to engage. Again, I will not shy away from the ethics of visiting and engaging North Korea in a sanctioned capacity.