From Purpose to Plan: Understanding Philosophical Fundamentals

Sinek argues that leaders with the most drive and determination to undertake something begin at the deepest point-- looking first and foremost at the "Why." Their motivations are not profit or success, since, by definition, those are possible results, not processes or causes. Rather, he addresses the burning question: Why-- that is to say, why do this at all? First define the problem you seek to solve and understand your greater purpose in doing so.

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Matthew Reichel
Check Your Ego at the Door

After having recently returned home from spending the last three weeks in Asia, the majority of the time working on our first shoot in North Korea for our ice hockey documentary, I've been reflective. This reflection is not just about the project or my time in Asia, but rather about teamwork and how I can fit into a team. 

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Hot Springs in the Forest

We packed the jeep full of warm clothes, blankets and tinfoil wrapped packets of food for our Thanksgiving campfire dinner. This was a Thanksgiving like no other, it was a return to nature, an adventure, a time to appreciate the great, wild abandon. 

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