Why I Started a Blog

This is my first attempt at keeping a blog. I've written extensive travel journals of all my best stories from my university years, but I've never managed to actually find the time not the drive to sit down and write a blog. A public (like anyone is reading anyway though) yet still visible platform to reflect, share thoughts, feelings and experiences. So why now?

There's a few reasons.

The first is that I feel like writing a blog keeps me better accountable to myself. It allows me to track my progress as I set out on a new venture, it encourages me to reflect and in essence hand down advice to myself. 

Secondly, it forces me to be more professional, not in the sense that I cannot drop the word fuck in a post, but rather in the sense that if I am really striving to be a producer who can transform the way information is consumed by people in China, Canada and abroad, I need to be able to immerse myself in the work of a content maker.

Thirdly, it's a test. A test for myself, to keep on track, put my efforts where my ideas are and see what I can make of myself. 

At the same time, it may also have to do a little with the concept of legacy. Not for anyone else, not to somehow create this personality around myself, rather, a way for me to look back at myself as I continue along this entrepreneurial path and see how and where my own thinking has changed. I can use this platform as a way to document my own experiences as I chart my own course in this immense world. It's something I can reflect on and look back on.

And maybe, one day, if I'm senile and brain filled with Alzheimers, these stories, pieces of advice, a testament of my thinking and life journey may be a story I can read. The stories and ramblings of a young person as they figure out what they want to do in this world of opportunities, where nothing worth fighting for comes easy, yet there exists wonder around every corner. Maybe these stories can later remind me of this young self. 

Maybe these stories will find their way into others' brains as well. Maybe they can provide some amusement, or wonder, or companionship for those also charting their own journeys. Maybe they can be used to eventually build a sense community amongst wayward individuals. If that could happen, I would be truly happy. But these stories are simply that, a reflection on experiences and learning through trials and tribulations, successes and failures, pain and gain. 

Not every post will be so serious, not every post will be so self absorbed, not every post will be funny, but they are all real. I've never experimented with building a public persona. However, in the field I am looking to thrive in, a bit of exposure can help build credibility and show that I too can be open to sharing my thoughts and journey with others, and I'm happy to do so.

Ever since I was small, I was an introvert, and I fought against that side of me when I first moved to China for high school. I had a lot of things to say, but was never confident enough to openly share them. I was an astute observer. Yet, I did not know how to be an extrovert, I had no experience maneuvering those complicated social situations where I had to initiate conversation. I still struggle in initiating difficult conversations today.

However, as a high school student in Beijing, overcoming these fears and trying to find my own voice (not always successfully mind you, I made many mistakes) in a different language and environment ironically gave me more confidence to construct the individual I wanted to become. That in turn forced me to improve my Chinese language skills, go out and meet more people, find and create more experiences, and learn more about what drives me forward in life. 

I learned then and there, and still have to constantly remind myself, insecurities are real but the only true way to build confidence and feel comfortable in your own skin is to face them, to be able to laugh at them, to be open with them. This blog is my first public forum to be open about these as well, so let it be a tool to getting over issues, holding myself more accountable, creating a log of adventures and stories, and a way to laugh at my insecurities until they just maybe melt away.

I'm not writing to impress, I'm just writing to keep things real as best I can.