Solutions for the Bucket List Challenge

I've been thinking recently about my travel bucket list, and it's very, very long. Now I could slowly pick off all these locations, but the problem is life will get in the way, inevitably. I will get older, and once I have children, then everything becomes far more complicated. This has got me thinking, there must be another way to get through this list more quickly. And I think there is, as long as I'm willing to share-- of course I am. 

At this point in life I've found myself single, working on various film projects and a tech start up that really only requires an internet connection to work on for the most part. I need to seriously start thinking about knocking down some bucket list items, as well as perhaps getting back into online dating (which I hate, but not much choice in this digital age).

Back to the bucket list. 

So, what if I posted my bucket list trips and partnered with people to get enough other people to join the trip to cover all of the costs for us to run the trip. I can put in all the leg work to plan it out, make all the arrangements and bookings, negotiate, things I'm extremely used to doing as a location manager. The other person just has to find cool, paying people to join the bucket list trip with us. Maybe easier said that done, but heck, it's worth a try right? 

If I decide to pursue this option, I'll probably create a page on this blog to list my bucket list trips and find partners to co-lead them with me. This can be a new journey in and of itself-- I can meet new people, pack in tons of experiences, and learn lessons along the way. Just a thought for now, but it's been brewing for quite some time and can be an interesting addition to the start-up life I've been pursuing.